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Laser Hair Removal by the Best Skin Care Clinic in Gurgaon

Laser hair removal is a clinical procedure that eliminates unwanted hair by using an intense laser beam. People have been using this method for a while now. It is highly trending as it has replaced traditional methods like waxing and shaving. Legs, upper lip, armpits, chin, and the bikini line are the popular treatment areas people wish to do the laser treatment. However, with the exception of the eyelid and surrounding area, it is possible to cure hair in practically every area. You need not worry as you are happy to help you being the best skin care clinic in Gurgaon.

Let us now look at the specific benefits of laser hair treatment:

Eliminate ingrown hair

Laser hair removal is one of the best techniques to remove ingrown hair altogether. Laser hair removal treatment will assist you in getting rid of ingrown hair, which will be beneficial for you in the future. It works best for people who have sensitive skin and who have skin irritation after waxing or shaving methods.

Safe and tested

All the equipment that is used for hair removal is finely tested and then used. It is entirely safe to use, and there are no side effects involved in the same as well.

Minimal pain

There is not much pain while doing the laser hair removal treatment when compared to waxing and shaving. One just needs to be relaxed, and within no time, the treatment is done.

Helps in the prevention of rashes

One of the most important advantages of going for laser hair removal is it will help to prevent all the rashes. People find their skin red after their waxing is done, which will not be seen when they will use the laser hair removal treatment. Also, it prevents people from boils and hair follicles.

Saves money in the longer run

Laser hair removal procedures minimize the need for an unending supply of razors, shaving cream, waxing appointments, and so on. Laser hair removal has become less expensive; waxing has become more expensive. Laser hair removal is less affordable, consumes less effort, and provides a long-lasting outcome.

Now let us understand how laser hair removal actually works!

Laser treatment involves a technique known as selective photothermolysis. Laser hair removal in Gurgaon starts with Laser heat that kills cells with a lot of pigmentation. After this, dark hair retains the most significant heat due to its high pigment content. Hair transmits heat to the hair follicles, and then it destroys them and prevents hair growth completely. For the technique to operate, a hair shaft must be in its anagen, or growth, stage. Because follicles grow at various speeds, most people require numerous laser treatments to be done before getting into a permanent hair removal stage.

There are approx.. a few sessions that are required for different parts.

For face- You need 6-8 sessions for the hair removal of the face.

For legs- For legs, there are approximately 6-8 sessions required.

For the back- 8-10 sessions are needed for the hair removal of the backside.

Underarms- This requires 4-6 sessions.

Chest- 6-8 sessions are necessary for the hair removal of the chest area.

Bikini line- Nearly 4-6 sessions are held to remove the hair of the bikini line.

A few attributes to be kept in mind after the laser hair treatment procedure is done.

There are chances that you may see redness or swelling after the treatment is done first. It is normal, and it happens to everyone, so there is no requirement to panic about the same.

You can apply ice to the area where redness or swelling is seen. If you have sensitive skin doctor will also apply a steroid cream to the designated area.

It is recommended to use the SPF-30 sunscreen on a daily basis after the laser hair removal treatment is done.

Try to avoid direct sunlight for a few days.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Certain factors depend on the cost of the treatment for laser hair removal in Gurgaon. Cost varies according to the below-mentioned factors, and then accordingly, it is priced.

The elements are as below-

Area of treatment

This means that cost is determined as per the area of the body part the patient wants to be treated. The more the body parts price is more as more time is consumed for the same.

No of sessions

The cost of the hair laser removal also depends on the number of sessions. Certainly, there are 5-6 sessions, but in some cases, it may also increase up to 6-8, where the price also increases.

Skin and hair types

This is one of the major points when it comes to calculating the cost of the treatment. It differs from patient to patient as factors such as density, thickness, length, and skin type is seen at first, and accordingly, a price is charged for the method.

In a nutshell, we are here to help you and guide you through all your queries. Feel free to come and visit our place. We will do the best we can as we are also considered to be the best laser hair removal clinic in town.

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